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Video Production

We produce video which can be used across mediums
including websites, social media, emails and digital signage.
Our content is always created with your vision, goals,
and branding elements in mind.

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Top Notch Video Production

Video content is an integral part of any communications and marketing channel. We pride ourselves on our commercial quality video production services.

The biggest advantage of digital screens is the ability to leverage high resolution, quality produced video.

Here are a few specific video types from our wide range of video services

  • About us / Branding
  • Explainer / Tutorial
  • End of year / Reporting
  • Event highlights
  • Social media / Advertisement
  • Podcast / Lecture
  • Corporate announcements

Experienced Content Creators

Tailored Content

Ensure your videos are exactly the way you want them and choose what content, designs, and themes are used for the project

Advanced Features

Stand out from the crowd with videos that utilize eye-catching transitions, post-editing, b-roll techniques, and professional opinions

Reliable Support

Ask any question or provide your own wishlist to a helpful support team ready to provide you advice and feedback whenever it is needed

Integrated Media

Be confident in knowing that your content will be specifically designed for digital signage hardware we add to your facility

Have Questions That Need Answered?

Feel free to reach out to us.

Our Three-Step Process

We use a three-step process to work with you in the creation, editing, and display of your produced videos.

Step One

  1. Learn and understand the customer’s vision
  2. Offer additional ideas for how video can be used to further the customer’s vision
  3. Complete multiple iterations of the storyboard and its script until approval is earned

Step Two

  1. Scout the optimal locations, set the lighting, and prepare the scenes
  2. Shoot video and capture audio for talent/interviews
  3. Shoot video for “B-roll,” or scenes without dialogue

Step Three

  1. Edit the video and audio content
  2. Deliver the finished product
  3. Finalize the engagement and earn the final sign off!